Here’s a story you probably never thought you’d read. A man died in Germany on Christmas Day after he blew up a condom machine with two accomplices, and was struck in the head by a piece of metal.

The man, 29-years-old, was taken to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead. The two other men had ditched the scene of the crime, where condoms, money, and metal were all over the place.

From The Guardian:

The two men told hospital officials that their friend had fallen down the stairs, injuring his head. Suspicious of their story, the officials called the police.

During questioning, police said, one of them admitted that the three had blown up the condom machine, and that their fellow conspirator was hit in the head by metal as he tried to take cover.

There are a lot of questions here that need answers here. For one, why would you try to rob a condom machine of money? How do you even come up with that idea? Why is there a condom machine in what appears to be a wooded area?

I guess we’ll never know, but this is quite the bizarre story.

[The Guardian]

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