Robert Flores isn’t just one of our favorite SportsCenter anchors because he’s one of the funnier guys working in the industry or because he’s given AA shoutouts in the past.  He also speaks a lot of truth too.  None greater than over this highlight this morning talking about Chiefs TE Travis Kelce doing an endzone dance and wondering why it wasn’t hot take and First Take fodder like Cam Newton’s dancing was just a couple weeks ago:

“I’m wondering why there’s no Letters to the Editor or why First Take’s not doing ‘Should Travis Kelce be dancing in the endzone?’… I wonder why they’re not doing that.  Oh, because he’s not black.  That’s probably what it is.”

First Take has been accused of race-baiting on numerous occasions before, but Flores is 1000000% correct – the glaring double standard here is a message that needs to go to all of the sports media.

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