Chip Kelly at Gillette Stadium on December 6, 2015 in Foxboro, Massachusetts.

Chip Kelly is not happy with the media.

A feud was ignited between Philadelphia Eagles coach Chip Kelly and the running back he traded when LeSean McCoy said earlier this week he didn’t reciprocate Kelly’s hopes towards shaking his hand. McCoy was pissed at the man who traded him and since then, friction has continued to build. Things seemed to reach its peak as the Philadelphia Inquirer reported McCoy hung up on a phone call from Kelly in a reconciliation attempt. Kelly called BS on the Inquirer and let the world know how he felt following the Eagles’ 23-20 victory over McCoy’s Bills.

Kelly is calling out the Inquirer’s Jeff McClane, who wrote the piece on the phone call. Here’s a transcription of the presser question via Philly Influencer.

Q: You spent a lot of this past week answering questions about stuff that’s really not related to on the field. Did you feel like at any point it became a distraction to the team? And how do you think, if so, they responded?

A: No. A lot of it to me is tabloid journalism that they’re just trying to stir things up. But, it doesn’t affect us. We were playing the Buffalo Bills and they’re a really well-coached team by Rex Ryan that has a lot of really good players. But, when people want to make up false stories about me calling someone during the week and them hanging up on me, it’s like people trying to get Twitter hits or things like that to make themselves significant when shit doesn’t happen.

Q: So you never called McCoy?

A: No. I never called McCoy this week. But, was it the Inquirer? Was that you?


Kelly doesn’t mince words. Not only does he drop an expletive, but his takedown of McClane is pretty epic. The line “it’s like people trying to get Twitter hits or things like that to make themselves significant when shit doesn’t happen” sounds like it could fit perfectly in a rap song.

McCoy, on the other hand, didn’t have anything to say after the game, going straight to the locker room and dodging the media.

With the victory, Kelly’s Eagles are tied with Washington atop the NFC East, while the McCoy’s Bills fell to 6-7 and are likely out of playoff contention in the AFC.

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