Jerry Jones is a one-of-a-kind owner. He’s already built a stadium that many see as his personal play-toy in AT&T Stadium, a.k.a. “Jerry’s World,” but he may have just upped the ante a bit more.

According to a report in the Dallas Morning News, Jones has now started opening up his first-of-its-kind Cowboys Club to membership from the general public. Until now it was an exclusive club for only season-ticket holders.

If you’re a diehard fan, you too could line up for a chance to get in to this exclusive and limited club. According to the report, the plan is to limit the memberships to 700 or 800. As for the cost?

A family membership will cost a cool $4,000 and a monthly charge of $350, while corporate memberships would depend on size and need. Some are likely to have the same starting rate as the family membership and go up from there.

The club will include views of the outdoor and indoor practice facilities and has public and private dining options, space for corporate events, a rooftop swimming pool and billiards tables. One could maybe even run in to a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader, as they will make their home at the Cowboys Club.

Basically, the Cowboys Club is like a giant country club dedicated to nothing more than the pride of North Texas — Jerry Jones’ Dallas Cowboys.

Of course, the Cowboys Club would be located on property called The Star in Frisco, Texas that just so happens to have connections to the Jones’ as well.

Located on 91 acres along the Dallas North Tollway, The Star in Frisco is being developed by the Blue Star companies affiliated with the Jones family. The Cowboys teamed with the city of Frisco and Frisco ISD to build the indoor stadium, which will open in August.

All of the food and beverage services will be handled by Legends, a company started jointly by the Cowboys and New York Yankees back in 2007.

With Jerry Jones and the NFL it really is a game of “keeping up with the Jones’,” as they add yet another way to turn their football product in to a money-maker for themselves.

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