A Philadelphia Eagles fan wanted to extend holiday spirit into Lincoln Financial Field, but security had other ideas.

An Eagles fan attempted to bring a full-sized Christmas tree into Sunday’s Cardinals/Eagles tilt, and unsurprisingly security wasn’t having it. The fan was asked to leave his Christmas tree at the gate, which got a collection of boos from bystanders.

I have so many questions. Did the fan honestly think he could get a Christmas tree into a live sporting event? Why was the fan trying to bring a Christmas tree into the stadium in the first place? What was he going to do with said Christmas tree? Did he buy a seat for it? Was he going to take it home with him or leave it at the stadium? Was he going to decorate it? Why wasn’t it already decorated when he tried to get it into the stadium? Would the security guards have let him in with the decorated tree?

What else could someone try to sneak into an NFL stadium that’s more ridiculous than a non-decorated Christmas tree? In Philly, one never knows, but here’s a list of things security would probably flag as well.

A box full of tangled Christmas lights

Eight reindeer

An absurd amount of beer

A lit menorah 0r a lit kinara (really anything on fire, holiday related or not)

A working BB-8 droid

LeSean McCoy

Three french hens

Two Christmas trees

A baseball bat

Either way, it was a predictable ending to a bad idea. Just because it’s Christmas time doesn’t mean security won’t do their jobs, boos or not.

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