How much money would you hand over to get an autograph from a fringe NFL quarterback? Probably less the $100, right?

Not so for one Cleveland Browns fan, who had Johnny “Money” Manziel sign a Benjamin before Sunday’s game.

Manziel will start for the Browns against the 49ers on Sunday, and it’s good to see he’s fully focused on football as usual (lol). Then again, he has to take some time pregame to look out for his #brand, and there’s not much more consistent with the Johnny Football caricature than putting his name on high denominations of currency.

This video does raise a lot of questions. Did Manziel realize when he took the bill that it was a 100? Did he give a more-elaborate-than-usual autograph for the occasion? Did he walk away after signing for this dude because there was nothing more to accomplish there? Is he asked to sign currency often? What music is he listening to? What is that $100 bill now worth? What does Drake think of all this?

At the end of the day, the scrutiny on Manziel is probably excessive, but until he actually becomes a good player, he’s going to get picked on for being a primma donna.


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