After a long day selling latex at Vandeley Industries, you night want to grab a handful of pretzels sure to make you thirsty at a brand new bar in Melbourne, Australia inspired by none other than George Costanza from Seinfeld.

George’s Bar has a little bit of everything for the biggest Costanza and Seinfeld fans there are, including autographed memorabilia from the legendary NBC comedy program and a drink menu playing off the jokes from the television show. Why was George chosen as the main theme for the bar? Probably because he is the master of his domain, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

“We came up with the name George’s and worked backwards, concept themeing it. George Costanza suits a bar in a lot of ways. The humour around George works,” said [co-owner Dave] Barrett who also owns Fitzroy’s Laundry Bar.

“So at the moment we’ve got our toasties menu which has items like The Art Vandalay, The Costanza and The Mom and Pop. We’re still finalising the cocktail menu but it will be similar.”

Jason Alexander, who portrayed the easily-agitated loser that was George Costanza, seemed to take pride in having an establishment themed after his signature role.

And yes, George’s Bar will have a Frogger machine for fans to play. They probably just have to add the holes first.

 George's Bar Frogger

All of this attention to detail would probably drive George Costanza up a wall. If all of this good attention was being placed on him, then surely something terrible would be about to happen in his life. That would just be the way things go for George.

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