This was the first year that Donald Trump had not hosted Miss Universe, after Univision and NBC cut ties with him, bringing in Steve Harvey to host this year’s show.

Everything was going smoothly, until it came time to announce the winner, where Harvey mistakenly announced Miss Colombia the winner, as opposed to Miss Philippines.

After naming Miss Colombia the winner, Harvey reluctantly said, “OK folks, I have to apologize,” which caused a huge roar amongst the Las Vegas crowd. Harvey then corrected himself, announcing Miss Colombia the first runner up, and Miss Philippines the winner. The blunder was so big, it drew attention away from the blowout happening on Sunday Night Football between the Cardinals and the Eagles.

But things were not over for Harvey, as he took to Twitter to apologize. Unfortunately for him, his first apology contained one too many mistakes as well. 

Just when it appeared no further damage could be done, after Harvey immediately corrected himself live on television, he also made a colossal mistake on Twitter, where he was already being roasted. It gave people yet another reason to have fun at his expense, and boy did they.

It’s nights like these that brings out the best in Twitter, and they did not disappoint.

Here are some of the best tweets:

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