Well this is a new one. In Europa League action, a soccer player celebrated his goal by taking the referee’s spray used to mark where free kicks are taken.

Teo Gutierrez, a striker from Sporting CP in Portugal, scored late in their game against Turkish team Besiktas in the final day of Europa League group stage action. Putting Sporting up 3-1, Gutierrez wanted to have a little fun and literally took the spray that a referee uses to mark where a free kick is taken right out of his back pocket.

As you can see, Gutierrez didn’t mean any harm but it did surprise the referee who at first didn’t know what was going on. The joke wound up not going to plan at all because there wasn’t enough spray for Teo to do what he wanted to do. I guess he was trying to draw his number or his name in the grass.

And despite it being a joke, Gutierrez got a yellow card for his troubles. Which isn’t really that bad because it was at the end of a 3-1 Sporting win and it was the last game of the group stage. But based on what happened, this was probably better off left in Gutierrez’s mind than in execution.

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